Grid, Philly’s newest magazine

Grid, Philly’s newest magazine

Philadelphia might not have a good recycling program (yet), but it is growing more environmentally aware. The latest evidence? A new magazine called Grid.

Gridis a “new magazine for community sustainability.” What does that mean? I thought (cynically) that it would be another magazine about “going green.” Man, if I hear the phrase “going green” again I think I’ll die. No, this magazine isn’t about how to grow your own food and why you should use public transportation — though those are both great ideas.

It’s a little more sophisticated than that. Among other articles, the magazine’s got recipes for making your own popcorn (which I’m totally going to do from now on), a fantastic break-down of the advantages to using compact fluorescent bulbs, and a map that tells you the best ways to bike across our fair city.

While I have a few very minor editorial qualms with the magazine (did the article on biking have to have the headline, “Changing Lanes?” Did you really write “in hip Northern Liberties?”), Grid seems like a great addition to the local publishing scene, especially when the alt-weeklies like Philly Weekly and City Paper are suffering so much. Grid also rounded up some impressive contributors, like our very own Dewey Saunders, and Paul Glover, a dude that everyone who went to Cornell in the past decade knew about if they didn’t know him personally.

Anyone else seen Grid and have a particular take on it?

Diana Lind is the former executive director and editor in chief of Next City.

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