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Join the conversation — tune into exciting live events on housing, transportation, arts & culture and other urban issues. In years past, Next City has hosted local, national and international events; beginning in 2019, we added live online events to our mix. Browse upcoming Next City events or watch past events in the library. You can also see any upcoming live events here.

  • Future City: Taking Back the Financial System for Communities [Presented with Next City]

    March 30, 2023   9:45am – 11:00am ET

    All year long, Next City celebrates our 20th anniversary by looking into the future. At this year's in-person Just Economy Conference, we envision what it's like 20 years from now, and everyone has access to a bank account and all the credit they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives and accumulate wealth to pass on to the next generation. Did we do it by holding big banks and lending platforms accountable for serving everyone equally? Or did we do it by transforming the consumer finance system to prioritize local lending by smaller institutions based closer to home?

  • Design Technology’s Role in Environmental Stewardship

    April 5, 2023   1:00pm Eastern

    Please register for our upcoming webinar to learn how design software can help landscape designers  achieve their goals for environmental stewardship

  • The Policy Roadmap to Parks for All

    April 12, 2023   2:00pm – 3:00pm EASTERN

    A discussion around park equity solutions that address disparities head-on. 

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