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For more than a decade, Next City has inspired change in cities through a signature mix of high-quality journalism and impact-oriented events. Every day, our reporters tell the stories that are changing cities around the world, keeping you informed of the people, policies and projects driving urban progress. As a nonprofit founded by three recent college graduates who shared a vision of a better urban future, our work doesn’t end with reporting. We connect the next generation of urban leaders through our annual Vanguard conference and other events held in cities around the world. Every month, our website is viewed a half a million times, 23,000 people receive our newsletters, and more than 85,000 people follow us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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Next City’s audience is young and professionally focused on improving the cities where they live.

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    Each weekday on Next City Daily, we’re covering breaking news and trends in cities around the world. With frequent posts on economic development, transportation, culture and tech, we deliver solid reporting, smart analysis, thoughtful commentary and the vital urbanist context our readers want.

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    Next City has daily and weekly columns that sustain a vibrant, daily conversation.

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