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Inside the Fast-Food Workers’ Strike and “Fight for $15”

Fast-food worker Qiana Shields chants during a demonstration outside a Burger King in Georgia. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

As municipal governments continue to eye mandatory minimum wage increases, both Walmart and McDonald’s have recently announced pay hikes for some employees. But critics say the big-box retailer’s move toward $10 isn’t enough, and that the fast-food giant’s bump only helps a small percentage of employees.

As Next City’s feature this week, “How a Win for Unions Can Be a Win for Everyone,” outlines, shifts in the labor movement, particularly in Seattle, have led to victories that help all workers — and have inspired non-union workers to advocate publicly too:

In fact, the SEIU is behind the national Fast Food Forward campaign, which has prompted thousands of non-union fast-food workers to protest low wages at McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants across the country.

Today, fast-food workers in cities across the world are striking, rallying or protesting in a visible, vocal call for a $15-an-hour minimum wage.

Here’s what people are saying about today’s protests:

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