Editor’s Choice: Best of Buzz 2010

Editor’s Choice: Best of Buzz 2010

Our choice of the five best reports that appeared on americancity.org in 2010. Check back tomorrow for the year’s best opinion pieces.

The Revolution Will Be Locally Funded
by Lamar Clarkson, January 2010

Groups of artist-entrepreneurs around the country have begun extending the locavore idea to the realm of culture. A tale of how some not-so-starving artists are applying the logic of community-supported agriculture to grant-making.

Lansing’s High-Tech Industry Goes to Schools
by Ivy Hughes, March 2010

Ivy Hughes reports on a revitalization trend in Lansing: High-tech companies are buying abandoned schools, transforming them into business hub—and changing neighborhoods in the process.

Public-Private Partnerships Meet Advertising
by Rachel Somerstein, May 2010

Rachel Somerstein looks at Adopt a Light Limited, a Nairobi program in which companies can advertise on streetlamps in return for maintaining them.

Who Says What’s Livable?
by Vincent Valk, June 2010

A look at the ambiguity of the term “livable” and its use – and misuse – by urbanists and officials.

How Hyperlocal Media Are Taking Urban Planning to the Streets
by Kara Hadge, November 2010

Hyperlocal journalism is taking over Washington, DC, shining light on lesser-known neighborhoods, connecting residents and, sometimes, wielding major political clout.

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