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Are you looking for a way to keep your friends or colleagues up on the latest urban trends and innovations? Well, we have a few solutions for you.

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    We offer IP subscriptions to institutions, including universities. This subscription enables an entire office or program to share Forefront access through its shared Internet connection.

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    We offer group subscriptions at a discount. May we suggest recruiting your 10 favorite urban geeks and starting a Forefront reading club? Please email us for more information about group subscriptions.

I am a Forefront subscriber. Why can’t I log in to the app?

The Next City Forefront App is a separate product from the Web subscription you bought when subscribing to Forefront on the Next City website. The app is sold exclusively through the Apple Newsstand and only available on iPhones and iPads. If you subscribed to Forefront on our website before January 1, 2014, you a received a temporary three-month subscription to the app for free. To retain full access to the app beyond March, all readers will have to subscribe to the app on the Apple Store.

What is the difference between the free version of the app and the paid version?

The free version of the app includes one free issue and the option to purchase individual stories to read on your Apple device. You will also receive push notifications when new content arrives. The full version of the app allows you to read and experience all Forefront content published in the span of your subscription.

How can I view past issues of Forefront?

You can read past issues of Forefront on our website, where the full archive is available to all subscribers.

What is the difference between the Forefront App and the Forefront Web subscription?

The Forefront App is a response to readers who told us they would like to read Forefront on the go without logging into our website or downloading a PDF. The app offers instant access to our long-form writing, formatted to be easy on the eyes whether you read it on your phone or on your iPad. You can also download stories to read later, when you are offline.

The Forefront Web subscription enables you to read on a wide range of devices, including your desktop or Android. The Web subscription gives you access to our full archive of Forefront stories in addition to the most recent content.

Why isn’t the app free with a Forefront subscription?

The short answer is that Apple requires you to pay for the app. The long answer is that our app is not meant to replace existing Forefront subscriptions, but rather to help us deliver the highest quality reader experience by offering an on-the-go option for Apple users. Many of our subscribers are not Apple customers and may prefer to read and save Forefront stories on their desktop. As we continue to develop and expand our products, we want to ensure that we can accommodate all of our readers. Your opinions matter to us, so if you have feedback or comments please email us at