Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is content produced or curated by a paying sponsor. All sponsored content is clearly labeled as such.

Why does Next City publish sponsored content?

As the media world evolves, organizations are increasingly paying for editorial content rather than straightforward advertisements. Sponsored content can allow an advertiser to more fully express an idea or draw more focused attention to their products, programs, or services.

How can a reader differentiate between regular content and sponsored content?

All sponsored content will be identified as such as the top of the post. If there are other reasons to disclose connections, (not sponsorships) those are made at the bottom of each article.

What does it mean when an article is marked with a banner stating that it has been “presented” or “underwritten” by an organization, yet there is no sponsorship banner?

If an article is marked as “presented “ or “underwritten” by an organization, the presenter or underwriter has paid Next City for the right to display its brand on the article, but not directly participated in the production of article. Unlike a “sponsor,” an underwriter or presenter does not review the editorial content prior to publication and instead, has paid Next City for the right to display its brand on the Next City webpage.

How do sponsorships affect Next City’s mission?

Next City will not publish sponsored content that runs contrary to the mission and values of the organization, nor will it endorse sponsored content. Often, sponsors are organizations and companies that share many of the same goals as Next City, but lack a media outlet of their own. In other instances, a sponsor is a for-profit company or non-profit organization seeking to reach Next City’s audience.

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