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What We’re Giving You in 2017

This year has been one of the busiest ever for Next City. We published an unprecedented number of features and news articles, inspiring countless people to take action in their cities. We hosted the World Stage at the UN’s once-in-a-generation conference on urbanization, providing a place for hundreds of urban leaders from all over the world to make their voices heard. We provided expert input at dozens of conferences from APA to SXSW Eco. Our Vanguard conference in Houston, Texas, will have a lasting impact on the 40 urban leaders who attended and the community that won our Big Idea Challenge.

We really want to keep this momentum going into the new year and we need your help this #GivingTuesday.

With a president-elect and Congressional leaders who claim global warming is a hoax, want to deport millions of immigrants, back national stop-and-frisk policing, support major cuts to entitlement programs, and intend to appoint judges who will limit the rights of women, LGBTQ Americans and others, cities and urban activists will need to lead in resisting federal rollbacks and show the way to progress in 2017.

They already have. Portland is considering new fossil fuel restrictions. San Jose, New York, Chicago and others are seeking to maintain their “sanctuary city” status. California cities will have the first statewide online database of police use of force. Binghamton, New York, saw an increase in life expectancy for low-income adults because of local healthcare programs. Atlanta women have launched a brand-new, city-funded incubator for women-owned businesses.

Our most popular articles focus on little-known or innovative solutions to problems that many cities face. Earlier this year, we asked our readers to tell us what actions they were inspired to take because of Next City. Your answers couldn’t have motivated us more to continue the work that we know will be incredibly important in the coming year.

You were inspired to organize for more public art, build an open source GIS mapping project, advocate for bicycling, work with the homeless, employ formerly incarcerated people, and, generally, “contribute to my city, hopefully making it a more equitable, and more prosperous place for all.”

Our audience is growing. We reached 53 percent more people this year than two years ago. Help us reach even more people in 2017. We want more people to know about the great work that you’re doing in cities across the world. For every $100 you donate, we can reach 15,000 more people.

Donate today and receive a great thank-you gift, like City Power: Urban Governance in a Global Age by Richard Schragger or The Past and Future City: How Historic Preservation Is Reviving America’s Communities by Stephanie Meeks. Both show how cities can lead the way in creating an equitable future.

Cities, urbanists and trusted journalism will be incredibly important in 2017. Please support Next City so that we can share all the solutions that urban leaders, activists and entrepreneurs are implementing to support great cities in 2017.

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