Urban Issue Grids, Transportation Policy Comparisons, Regret Over Giuliani’s Departure

Gotham Gazette on the Presidential Candidates

Monday, Gotham Gazette took an extensive look a the remaining candidates and their positions on urban issues. It begins with a history of presidential policies for cities starting in the 60s and ending with today’s candidates. The piece then lays out the positions of the Democrats and Republicans in issue tables for easy comparison.

Streetsblog on the Candidates’ Transportation Stances

Starting with the GOP candidates, the blog says, “overall the records aren’t exactly a promise of ‘Morning in America’ for alternative transportation,” but manage to dig up 800 words on the subject. The Democrats fare only a little better, and that post finds some interesting points in Obama’s record as a State Senator in Illinois. In a third post, the blog opines, “There is no ‘livable streets candidate.’”

Rudy’s Loss is Bad for New York

That’s according to New York Magazine columnist Chris Smith. He writes: “John Edwards did more to address those issues on the campaign trail than Giuliani did, but having a former mayor of the country’s biggest, most complicated city in the presidential race injected some non-Washington grit into the mix. That’s gone now, and it’s a loss for New York. And it’s just about the only reason to regret that we won’t have Rudy Giuliani to kick around anymore.”

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