Naadu Honors Ghana’s Informal Sector at Accra Future-Now Video Awards

Accra | 05/01/2013 10:01am
Emaleigh Doley | W Rockland Street Project

First place winner Groupore Farouk (left), a resident of Nima in Accra, shakes hands with Former First Lady Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills.

The Daily Graphic, a leading newspaper in Accra, Ghana, recently published a story about the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) – one of six Informal City Dialogues grantee organizations.

ACET celebrated the Accra Future-Now Video Awards last week and welcomed former first lady Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills, who delivered a speech advocating support for Ghana’s informal sector.

“The voices of communities in the informal sector are important to us because there seems to be an invisible dividing line which keeps millions of people in unregulated jobs and housing, unseen and without access to support from the formal economy,” said Dr. Mills at the awards ceremony.

Groupore Farouk accepts his award as Former First Lady Dr. Ernestina Naadu Mills and ACET’s Dr. Sheila Ochugboju look on.

Her remarks echoed the vision of the Informal City Dialogues project, which is working to tell the stories of citizens whose lives straddle the informal urban realm and the formal city around them.

Aiming to spark new conversation, ACET’s video competition gave Ghanaian residents of three slum communities the opportunity to voice their concerns about the city.

Groupore Farouk Arongo, a 19-year-old student of Accra High School, took home the top prize for his video (below) about changing the perception of education in Nima.

“Most of the people in this community do not see the relevance for education. They think education is just about going to school and learning how to work and money,” said Arongo. “Education is about transformation.”

An advocate for education, Arongo believes that only through community investment will people become empowered to transform their own community.

Over 70 residents of Accra participated in the video competition. Watch more winning videos on our YouTube playlist here.

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