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Andi Crawford and Michael Hammett on Cities Leading by Engaging Citizens

March 6, 2019

Andi Crawford and Michael Hammett will share how citizen engagement became embedded in Lansing, Michigan, and Phoenix, Arizona, respectively. Through their leadership and close work with mayors, city agencies, local partners, and community stakeholders, each was instrumental in changing the way their cities do business by making citizen engagement a core element in solving public problems. Coming from cities with different leadership structures, populations, and demographics, Michael and Andi will share best practices and lessons learned so that other cities can replicate their success.

Andi Crawford serves as the director of the Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement for Lansing, Michigan. In this role, she leads the Neighborhood Resource Team, supports the mayor in growing and enhancing strategic citizen volunteer initiatives, and delivers services to neighborhood leaders.

Michael Hammett is chief service officer for the City of Phoenix, Arizona. In this role, he directs and evaluates the implementation of a citywide service plan that engages citizen volunteers and community partners to address priority issues for the city. He also directs the City’s National Service Program and recently received an M.S. in Global Technology and Development from the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University.

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