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  • Trace Allen

    New Orleans, LA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Trace Allen is a community builder, advocate, and intrapreneur committed to facilitating equitable, just ecosystems that support entrepreneurs and communities of color. Currently, he works as the Community Economic Development Program Manager at Propeller, where he manages an accelerator program supporting black-owned businesses located along a New Orleans commercial corridor.

  • Dave Amos

    University of California, Berkeley
    Sacramento, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Dave teaches city planning through educational videos posted to his YouTube channel, City Beautiful. Dave has experience as a planning practitioner and is currently earning a doctorate in city and regional planning from the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Laila Atalla

    California Air Resources Board
    Sacramento, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Laila is an environmental scientist and economist who develops tools to guide investments in housing and transportation. In her current role at the California Air Resources Board, she provides technical expertise to support programs that mitigate climate change, promote inclusive economic development, and advance environmental justice.

  • Brytanee Brown

    City of Oakland Department of Transportation
    Oakland, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Brytanee Brown is currently in the City of Oakland Department of Transportation as a Transportation Planner where she manages capital and planning projects that intersect with placekeeping, economic development, and housing.

    Brytanee holds a Masters in Urban Planning from Tufts University and a Bachelor of Arts from the UC Berkeley.

  • Brian Bulaya

    Simple Shift Studio
    2019 (Sacramento)

    As a transportation planner, WeWork alum and community engagement consultant, Brian is interested in the design nexus between transportation systems, real estate development, and underused spaces to prompt new interactions between strangers.

    His experience lies in facilitating design processes to increase the quality of life at the neighborhood, city, and state levels. He has worked in transportation policy development, real estate acquisition, planning, and implementation, product design and development, strategic partnerships, space management, and team building.

    He holds a BA in Urban and Regional Planning from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and a MA in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Cassandra Caiger

    Intelligent Futures
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Cassandra is the Engagement Lead for Intelligent Futures. Cassandra has established herself as someone who artfully designs and delivers meaningful community conversations that influence decision-makers and build local capacity. She has led processes that explore issues as diverse as transit, social wellness, parks, affordable housing, urban agriculture and cultural vibrancy.

  • Toni Carey

    Arlington, VA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Toni Carey co-founded Black Girls RUN!, a national movement empowering black women to live a healthy lifestyle. Today, Carey is Founder Emeritus of BGR!, a marketing consultant, a freelance writer, and yoga instructor. She considers herself a lifestyle architect empowering and inspiring others to find balance in their own lives.

  • Nupur Chaudhury

    New York State Health Foundation
    Brooklyn, NY
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Nupur Chaudhury is an urbanist committed to building a just city for all. Trained in Urban Planning and Public Health, she believes in the power of place in our lives and has worked as a bridge builder and translator in both fields. For more than fifteen years, she has developed and implemented strategies to support residents, communities, and neighborhoods challenge power structures to build just, strong and equitable cities. At the New York State Health Foundation, she serves as a Program Officer, leading the Building Healthy Communities initiative across New York State and identifies and nurtures opportunities for affecting positive systemic change within communities.

  • Marco Chavarin

    San Francisco , CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Marco Chavarín is a community and economic development professional with over twelve years of experience leading cross-sector partnerships to address financial inclusion and economic justice for low-to-moderate income communities. Working alongside municipal, nonprofit and community partners, he co-develops and supports programs that enable greater financial access, housing affordability, small business development and resiliency for under served communities.

    Marco currently works as Vice President of Community Development for Northern California at Citi.

  • Maya Chupkov

    Council of Community Housing Organizations
    San Francisco, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Maya Chupkov spent the past five years in community organizing and housing justice work in San Francisco. She joined the Council of Community Housing Organizations in 2018 as Communications Director, overseeing its communications strategy. Maya earned a Master’s in Public Affairs, where she focused on issues in housing and homelessness.

  • Lynn Coppedge

    Brendle Group
    Denver, CO
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Lynn Coppedge is an urban planner focused on accelerating the adoption of sustainable practices in local communities. In her current role as Sustainability Planner with Brendle Group, she works with communities to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices through planning and program development. She received her Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning from Arizona State University.

  • Jamie Cutlip

    SMUD & Alchemist CDC
    Sacramento, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Jamie’s expertise spans government and nonprofits, including community planning, economic development and environmental advocacy. As a Government Affairs Representative and former Associate City Planner, her work extends from permitting/entitlement reviews to policy development and sustainability program management. She holds a B.A. in Urban Studies from San Francisco State University.

  • Javon Davis

    City of Philadelphia Fire Department
    Philadelphia, PA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Javon is an Assistant Deputy Commissioner of the Philadelphia Fire Department and a Co-Host of the GovLove Podcast. He is a graduate of the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government and Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University and is dedicated to using his training to advance equity in urban communities.

  • Veri di Suvero

    Anchorage, AK
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Veri di Suvero is the Executive Director of the Alaska Public Interest Research Group. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, they work on state-wide consumer initiatives including building an energy democracy, securing a complete and accurate Census count, and holding the government accountable.

  • Matt Endacott

    2019 (Sacramento)

    Matt Endacott is Senior Urban Renewal & Engagement Consultant and Cities Lead at AECOM. Matt has held various roles on the “Revitalising Newcastle” program in Australia, including Communications Manager, and has a Masters in Urban Renewal & Housing. Matt is also a Director of the Newcastle Art Gallery Foundation.

  • Maya Ford

    Houston, TX
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Maya Ford is a 20+ year veteran in strategic marketing and communications and the owner of FordMomentum!, a strategic communications firm guided by her five-pillar methodology Standard of LOVE™: Literacy, Self-Esteem, Values, Economic Power, and Justice. She’s passionate about transforming transportation, food security, women in government, and fostering Millennial leadership.

  • Laura Grannemann

    Quicken Loans Community Fund
    Detroit, MI
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Laura Grannemann leads the Quicken Loans Community Fund, which drives national philanthropic strategy for Quicken Loans. She co-founded the organization in May of 2016. Throughout her time at the Community Fund, Laura has focused on solving complex challenges like tax foreclosure, employment barriers, and the mortgage market in Detroit.

  • Mejay Gula

    Tender House Project
    Chicago, IL
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Mejay Gula is the founder and executive director of Tender House Project, working to secure the Chicago River with sites of community agency, cultural exchange, and universal inclusion. This development strategy reimagines Chicago’s historic bridgehouses to be a civic and cultural network that breathes needed life into the Chicago River.

  • Logan Herring

    Reach Riverside Development Corporation
    Wilmington, DE
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Logan is the CEO for REACH Riverside, Kingswood Community Center, and the Warehouse. REACH (Redevelopment, Education, And Community Health) is a holistic revitalization effort in Wilmington, DE, working with nationally acclaimed Purpose Built Communities, to include 600 mixed-income homes, a new Kingswood, and the Warehouse (a collaborative teen center).

  • Landon Hoyt

    Binners’ Project/Tides Canada
    2019 (Sacramento)

    An urbanist at heart, Landon is originally from Florida but resides in Vancouver, BC, where he is the Director of the Binners’ Project, an organization that fosters social and economic inclusion by empowering binners (those who bin or dumpster-dive). Landon is the former Executive Director of Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association, Canada’s first ‘social innovation BIA,’ and has worked in sustainability and public engagement at Simon Fraser University.

  • Edurne Irizarry-Alvarez

    Philadelphia Foundation
    Philadelphia, PA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Edurne Irizarry is a Program Officer with the Philadelphia Foundation and has 20 years of experience working in the Philadelphia nonprofit sector. As a PO, Edurne manages all aspects of the Fund for Children, and is assigned the coordination and management of special projects and capacity building initiatives.

  • Ronda Jackson

    Washington, DC
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Ronda Jackson is the Vice President of City Partnerships at KaBOOM! where she builds partnerships with city governments to increase access to play for kids living in poverty. Prior to KaBOOM!, Ronda was at Living Cities where she worked with city leaders to improve the economic well-being of low-income people.

  • Naria Kiani

    Kounkuey Design Initiative
    Los Angeles, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Naria is Senior Planning Coordinator at KDI. She partners with policymakers and residents in underserved communities to establish resident-led land use through planning and design strategies. Naria holds a BS in Public Policy and Planning from the University of Oregon and an MA in Urban Planning from UCLA.

  • Andy Kopietz

    Good Done Daily
    Hamtramck, MI
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Andrew is the principal of Good Done Daily, a graphic design and strategy studio that works with mission-driven organizations and community impact programs throughout Southeast Michigan. For 14 years, his efforts have helped dozens of established and grass-roots leaders build movements, tell stories, and rally for social change.

  • Rani Langer-Croager

    Uptima Entrepreneur Cooperative
    Oakland, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Rani Langer-Croager founded Uptima Business Bootcamp to address the challenges of traditional entrepreneurship programs in providing rigorous and culturally relevant education and mentorship to diverse entrepreneurs. Rani draws on 20+ years experience advising organizations on strategic planning and capital raising to develop innovative models for entrepreneurship training and financing programs.

  • Ben Leal

    Jubilee Park & Community Center
    Dallas, TX
    2019 (Sacramento)

    As President and CEO of Jubilee Park & Community Center, Ben leverages his expertise in policy, program development, and team-building to improve lives and strengthen community in Southeast Dallas. Under Ben’s leadership, Jubilee and its neighbors have built a national model in safety, health, housing, education, and opportunity programs.

  • Amanda Lovelee

    Metropolitan Council
    Minneapolis, MN
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Amanda Lovelee is an artist who works in city systems as a translator between government and community with the goal of building places where everyone belongs. Lovelee focuses on civic engagement through her city popsicle truck. She is interested in how people connect and the spaces in which they do.

  • Megan McGreal

    Detroit Land Bank Authority
    Detroit, MI
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Megan is a civil servant with a passion for people. As Strategic Initiatives Manager at Detroit Land Bank Authority, she couples degrees in policy and community development with project management expertise. Four years of experience growing housing and vacant land initiatives support her drive for pioneering solutions in equitable development.

  • Hannah Merten

    Rock Ventures
    Detroit, MI
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Hannah Mae was drawn from her native Denver to Detroit to work alongside catalytic investor Dan Gilbert on what the NYT calls “one of the most ambitious privately financed urban reclamation projects in American history.” She directs special projects at the intersection of real estate development, economic development, and transit/mobility.

  • Stephanie Michel

    North 5th Street Revitalization Project of Culture Trust
    Philadelphia, PA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Stephanie Michel is the Director of the North 5th Street Revitalization Project in Philadelphia. She leads implementation efforts for N5SRP’s key revitalization components: cleaning, safety, business assistance, and community development. Stephanie applies her passion and talent toward engaging residents and merchants to work towards effective solutions to this vibrant corridor.

  • Frederic Morin-Bordeleau

    2019 (Sacramento)

    Social entrepreneur – Executive Director at MR-63/Station F-MR, Director at Artbangbang, Canadian G20 YEA Delegate.

    After living for 4 year in Australia, Japan and China, Frederic learnt Japanese and Mandarin. With his brother, he started, MR-63, a 3 stories green building project that reuse the heritage Montreal metro trains to create an iconic building dedicated to local culture.

  • La-Toya Niles

    NYC Department of Housing and Preservation Development
    Bronx, NY
    2019 (Sacramento)

    La-Toya most recently served as Senior Program Manager of Capacity Building with the NYCSBS Neighborhood Development Division, where she oversaw over 30 economic development projects that helped community-based organizations (CBOs) identify and develop solutions to internal and external challenges to growth for CBOs and the communities they serve.

  • Munguntuya Otgonjargal

    Climate Campaign NGO
    2019 (Sacramento)

    With a background in urban planning and project management, Munguntuya is committed to building more inclusive and just urban spaces for everyone. She currently serves as the Executive Director at Climate Campaign NGO and holds an MA in Urban and Regional Planning from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

  • Bhavini Patel

    Pittsburgh, PA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Bhavini Patel is the CEO and co-founder of beamdata, which merges data science with social issues to build accessible data tools for community-level organizations. She also volunteers her time on the Boards of several nonprofits including the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh and Civically Inc, a Wilkinsburg-based nonprofit dedicated to community development. As a Pittsburgh native, Bhavini serves as the Vice Chair of the Edgewood Democratic Committee.

    She graduated from the University of Oxford as a Rotary Global Grant Scholar and was recognized as 30 Under 30 by the Pittsburgh Business Times and The Incline’s Who’s Next: Politics 2018.

  • Julia Reeves

    Philadelphia Division of Maternal, Child and Family Health
    Philadelphia, PA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    At the Philadelphia Division of Maternal, Child, and Family Health, Julia Reeves leads public health campaigns, advises the coordination of the Philadelphia FIMR team, and supervises a fatherhood resources awareness initiative. She is passionate about health justice and strives to promote equitable access to quality health experiences for all families.

  • Tyler Robinson

    Cook Inlet Housing Authority
    Anchorage, AK
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Tyler is the Vice President of Community Development at Cook Inlet Housing Authority. He serves on the Anchorage Planning and Zoning Commission and on the Anchorage Community Land Trust board. Tyler holds a B.A. from Duke University and a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota.

  • Rachel Shangraw

    Kaiser Permanente
    Fairfield, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Rachel is a leader at Kaiser Permanente where she specializes in performance improvement and strategic projects. She helps to define strategies and execute on operational plans that improve access, affordability, and health in the community. Rachel holds a Masters in Health Administration from the University of Washington.

  • Jay Stange

    NeighborWorks Alaska
    Anchorage, AK
    2019 (Sacramento)

    In one of America’s most diverse cities, Anchorage, Alaska, Jay Stange works to empower and activate underdeveloped communities to be more resilient, healthy and equitable. A former teacher, journalist, and community organizer, he works as Director of Community Development for NeighborWorks Alaska, a non-profit housing provider.

  • Elizabeth Timme

    Los Angeles, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Elizabeth is the co-founder and co-executive director of LA-Más, an urban design non-profit based in Los Angeles. LA-Más uses policy and design to help communities shape their own growth. Elizabeth serves on Re:Code LA, and is an alumni from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and the University of Southern California.

  • Darcy Totten

    California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls
    Sacramento, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Darcy Totten is a crisis communications strategist with over 18 years of experience. She is an expert in social impact strategies and advocacy communications centered in the nonprofit world, political campaigns, grassroots organizing, tribal governments, and education. Darcy is passionate about coalition building and working with intersectional and inclusive teams.

  • Erin White

    Community Food Lab
    Raleigh, NC
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Erin White works on urgent food systems challenges through teaching, community organizing, and design thinking. He’s founder of NC-based Community Food Lab, an award-winning international planning firm focused on sustainable, community-supportive food systems. This innovative planning practice crosses design thinking with complex food systems challenges across the rural-urban spectrum.

  • Aaron Wilcher

    Los Rios Community College District
    Sacramento, CA
    2019 (Sacramento)

    Aaron Wilcher has worked as a program manager and technical assistance provider for workforce and economic development projects for over a decade. He works in the California community college system on community partnerships and career technical education strategy. He holds masters degrees in urban planning and American studies.

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