VIDEO: Re-imagining Urban Highways Forum

VIDEO: Re-imagining Urban Highways Forum

The Next American City forum, Re-imagining Urban Highways, features experts from Milwaukee, Providence, the Bronx and Philadelphia talking about how a city’s economy and environment benefit from removing urban highways.

I-95, the specific highway in question. Flickr user HGruber

We know, we know. It took a while. We too would have liked to have a recording of last week’s Re-imagining Urban Highways event here in Philadelphia ready by Friday morning. Especially because the livestream didn’t quite work flawlessly for a few of you out there (sorry about that).

So let us make it up to you. We have the video ready. Right now. It’s embedded below, divided up chronologically into five smaller sections, so you don’t have to go scrolling through over two hours of footage to find the parts you want. See the full presentations by Peter Park, Thomas Deller, Ashwin Balakrishnan, our own executive director Diana Lind and Andrew Stober, who at the last minute swung by to represent the City of Philadelphia (and whose last name our live-tweeter didn’t always spell correctly). There’s a robust Q&A session at the end, with Aaron Naparstek of Streetsblog moderating all the while.

The event spurred quite a bit of lively discussion here in Philly, and if you have anything to add, by all means sound off—in the comments, on Twitter, on your own blogs, wherever. We’d love to see this conversation continue.

Opening Remarks / Aaron Naparstek Intro / Peter Park (Pt. I)

Urban Highways 1 from Next American CIty on Vimeo.

Peter Park (Pt. II) / Thomas Deller / Ashwin Balakrishnan (Pt. I)

Urban Highways 2 from Next American CIty on Vimeo.

Ashwin Balakrishnan (Pt. II) / Diana Lind / Andrew Stober (Pt. I)

Urban Highways 3 from Next American CIty on Vimeo.

Andrew Stober (Pt. II) / Q&A

Urban Highways 4 from Next American CIty on Vimeo.

Q&A Cont’d

Urban Highways 5 from Next American CIty on Vimeo.

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