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Try walking here. Flickr user mjb84

“That we find ourselves in a global urban age is now well understood. But do we face an urban future of growing inequality, sprawling slums, increased health and environmental risks, and overburdened housing, education and transportation systems? Or do we turn cities into even greater engines of innovation, models of sustainability and creators of productivity and commerce?” Judith Rodin of the Rockefeller Foundation has some answers. The Globalist

A hilarious, if disconcerting, account of trying to walk to FedEx in the suburbs. For the original blog, visit Christine Franck’s blog. To see the blog with photos, visit Sustainable Cities Collective.

Ajit Mohan on the rise of new, sparkling, ultra-planned global cities: “These grand new “insta-cities” will no doubt have a role to play in showcasing new technologies, new approaches to urban planning and, in a few countries, efforts at economic diversification. However, in much of Asia and Africa, the vast majority of urban populations will continue to live in existing cities. Managing growth in already-established urban centers will prove far more important than misguided attempts to create brand-new urban utopias.” World Policy

Very soon, there will be more people on the planet over 50 than there are people under 17. What will this mean for urban spaces? (The article doesn’t address this; if you have any thoughts, please share them in comments!) News Tracker

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