The Art of Infrastructure

The Art of Infrastructure

What’s the difference between infrastructure and public art?

SunFlowers in Austin, Texas guide hikers to a nature trail that tours the grounds of a decommissioned airport.

We talk a lot about crumbling infrastructure. Our highways are a mess, public transit is underfunded — the list goes on.

Of course, we could repair these bridges and pipelines, but there’s also the choice to rethink infrastructure completely and make it more efficient, more sustainable and even more beautiful. In cities around the country, we’re seeing the emergence of fresh projects more in line with the way we want to live and not the way we used to live.

Orion Magazine’s Reimagining Infrastructure column is dedicated to just that, featuring projects that blur the lines between infrastructure and public art. Check out some examples, courtesy of Orion, in the slideshow below.

Gallery: The Art of Infrastructure

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