Welcome to NAC‘s first dedicated transportation blog!

I thought I’d take a minute just to welcome you all to this landmark event, the launching of Next American City’s first dedicated urban planning and transportation policy blog. My name is Justin and I will be your guide through the overcrowded streets, crumbling bridges, and half-empty train cars that sadly characterize what’s left of American transit infrastructure, hopefully pointing the way towards change through a more meaningful dialogue. The Goal? Call it threefold:

1) Reduce personal vehicle usage, especially in our cities;
2) Increase the number of Americans who use cycling or walking as their primary means of transportation;
3) Increase the capacity of mass transit systems nationwide. Where are there is none, we aim to build it. Where there is one, we aim to improve it.

Simple enough, no? This blog will cover all sorts of American transportation issues, from Manhattan’s roaring avenues to the busy airspace over Dallas to the freshly minted bike tracks in Portland. I’m also always open to suggestion. So please, if you ever feel that I’m missing the story of the year, send a tip my way either in the comments area or through the email address posted.

So be prepared people! Be prepared for a deluge of information on the plans of transportation and planning committees from across the nation. I’ve got my eye out for you.

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