Tidbits: Spotlight on Urban Art

Tidbits: Spotlight on Urban Art

Cars in violation will be towed by the witch.
—image courtesy of Rebelart.net

Fake Road Signs in Lyons, France by PANOS

Drivers in the city of Lyons are on the lookout for flying bears, witches and carrots, thanks to the art group, PANOS. The collective includes 47 artists who have placed over 100 signs all over the city. The entire collection can be viewed on their website. Despite snagging the attention of some hip press and a few bored drivers, the signs haven’t caused any major accidents … and yes, the French do have a sense of humor.

Electroland lights up floors, walkways and buildings a la Saturday Night Fever.
—image courtesy of Cpluv.com

Electroland — Urban Spectacle

Electroland is the work of techno-designers Cameron McCall and Damon Seeley, whose projects are influenced by the fusion of technology and architecture. The purpose of Electroland is to explore the intersection of form, images, motion and light through diverse, large-scale urban installations. According to the project’s website statement, “Electroland is a place where the vast network of electronic impulses and symbolic exchanges become tangible.” While some of the installations are eye-catching, I can’t decide whether this is a real vision or an unessecary waste of energy.

Please dispose trash in the proper receptacle.
—image courtesy of Klintron.com

The Wooster Collective

Named after a street in SoHo, New York City, The Wooster Collective is a blog that “celebrates street art.” Artists and bloggers photograph the art from all over the world and submit them to the collective. Sometimes artists use the website to showcase their finished work. Noteworthy artists include Escif, Brad Downey (famous for sculptures that parody urban eccentricities), and Armsrock. The collective was started in 2001 and has updated weekly since.

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