The All-New Next American City: website, magazine, certain staffers… all receive makeovers.

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The All-New Next American City: website, magazine, certain staffers… all receive makeovers.

Loyal readers and friends,

Over the next few weeks, you will notice something a little different about Next American City. No, we’re not going dot com on you, and despite the rumors of a merge with Exxon, we are still your humble, sincere, national organization and quarterly magazine, striving to make things better for cities and the people that live in them.

The first thing you will notice is that we’re no longer The Next American City. We’re simply Next American City. We figured we would beat The New Republic to the idea, who recently placed second in the race to publish sought-after intimate details of John McCain’s extra-marrital love life. So, if you see us referring to NAC, that’s us — not a stock quote.

The next thing you will notice is that on March 1st, our new web site is scheduled to be launched. The new design will feature a new look and format for “The Street.” We’re not calling it a blog anymore. Why? Because the amount of research and time we put into our blog entries we feel qualifies them to be considered a daily report. We hope you feel the same way about our blogs. We’re not losing our editorial voice in favor of hard news, either. In fact we plan on providing you with more of both, in addition to event news, 24Hrs roadtrip updates and other Next American City-related happenings.

In addition to the website, our magazine has also gone through a visual overhaul. We have a brand new logo (sans The) and design scheme thanks to Keith Webb, our art consultant. All will be revealed in due time.

Next American City was nominated for a Golden Dot Award, along with like-minded web giants like Treehugger! I will be attending the Politics Online Conference, which are hosting the awards, and reporting on my activities there on our new Daily Report page.

We have a brand new 24Hrs website! Here, you can catch a glance of the new design, news about our upcoming New Orleans trip on March 6-9 and see our 24Hrs Philadelphia event from last fall.

It is a very exciting time for all of us here at NAC. While most of us have been operating on less than three hours of sleep a night, you can be rest assured we’re all smiles. God bless caffiene!

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