Phew, its cold—now we can forget about global warming

Phew, its cold—now we can forget about global warming

Pay to play, pay [more] to park

San Francisco is now charging more for parking spaces at coveted spots in the city, letting the free market weigh in on this long-standing point of contention.

Brits: Detroit terminally ill

Even journalists from across the pond can’t help weighing in on the debate over Detroit’s future, arguing that in spite of the positive signs, population loss will continue to wreak havoc on the city.

Sears Tower getting a little brother, and going green

The nation’s tallest icon will be receiving its first makeover since it opened in 1973, in a project that will include an environmental review, as well as the construction of an adjacent Sears Tower Complex.

Living where you work

A growing number of business owners have taken the “local“ ethos to another level, and are choosing to live adjacent to their establishments.

African-American burial ground dedicated in NYC

Unearthing of an all-black cemetery provides an opportunity to reflect upon historical residential segregation patterns.

Eco-cities in China: A PR move, or a sustainable solution?

China begins construction on 233 eco-cities spread across the country, in a move to quell global criticism of their dismal environmental record.

NYC Budget Office reveals shocking disparity in school funding

This week’s report demonstrates that Bloomberg’s Fair Student Funding Program is needed more than ever, to be sure that funding is equally distributed per pupil.

Cit(ies) on a Hill:

Three communities where life and religion are inextricably tied.

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