Partying Last Night With Forefront

Partying Last Night With Forefront

Credit: Brad DeCecco

Last night, about 150 people gathered on the second floor of the Puck Building in New York to join Next American City as we celebrated the launch of Forefront, now just over one month old. Beer flowed, subscriptions were bought and everyone from writers to planners to students geeked out over the future of digital urban affairs journalism.

Many thanks to NYU Wagner for hosting and giving us the chance to drum up further interest in our work. As NAC editor in chief Diana Lind explained to the crowd, the growing success of Forefront defies the belief that in-depth, long-form reporting can’t exist in a sustainable way in the age of the Internet. As our readership expands, we hope to continue delivering high-quality, original reporting on the most pertinent urban issues of our day. But we can only do that with your support.

Check some photos from last night’s event in the slideshow below:

Gallery: May 22 Launch Party in NYC

All photos by Brad DeCecco

As a bonus, NAC intern Sean Andrew Chen compiled a video of readers talking about what they like about Forefront. Original NAC editor Adam Gordon, who founded the print version of the magazine way back in 2003, also makes an appearance:

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