Listen to the Latest Metro Matters Podcast

Listen to the Latest Metro Matters Podcast

Lima, Peru, is near the top of the list of global metro areas experiencing strong economic growth. Flickr user David Berkowitz

In this month’s Metro Matters podcast, Next American City’s Diana Lind interviews Brookings’ Alan Berube and London School of Economics’ Philipp Rode about their joint report, “Global MetroMonitor: The Path to Economic Recovery.” In the conversation, Berube and Rode discuss why cities like Istanbul and Lima rode the recession to financial reward while many cities in the United States still struggled to stay afloat. The two experts discuss how up-and-coming metros in China and India remain less wealthy than metros in Europe and North America, but are growing as hubs for a burgeoning middle class. Stressing the “relative performance” of these urban areas, Berube and Rode point to “a world growing closer together.” Listen to the podcast for details on the global green economy, the most competitive American metros and strategies for Western cities to become competitive in the future global economy.

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