Leaving Las Vegas, crumbling Philadelphia, reviving Amtrak, more…

Leaving Las Vegas, crumbling Philadelphia, reviving Amtrak, more…

Transportation Costs Increase in NY Region

“The agencies that operate the buses, trains, tunnels and bridges that spill commuters into Manhattan are in the midst of one of the biggest and most sustained rounds of fare and toll increases in decades.”

Congress Considers Additional Funding For Amtrak

“Congress is considering a bill to significantly increase funding for the nation’s only passenger railroad. The bill would be a welcome step, but even if it passes, Amtrak — badly underfunded compared with air and auto travel — could use a lot more support.”

Global Warming Bad For Tourism

“Tourism has been both a victim and a vector of global climate change. Iconic tourist destinations such as the Great Barrier Reef, the countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea, the European Alps, the island states of the Seychelles, the Maldives and Mauritius, and the majestic glaciated mountain landscapes from the Rockies to the Andes have all become victims of the rise in global mean temperature of the past 150 years.

But the tourism sector has also become a non-negligible contributor to climate change through greenhouse-gas emissions largely from the transport and accommodation of tourists”

Philadelphia’s Crumbling Infrastructure

“If it seems like the city of Philadelphia is falling apart, it might be because it is, at least physically.

All in all, there is an $850 million gap between what the City Planning Commission recommended the city start spending seven years ago and the dollars the city actually spent.”

The Fortunes of Las Vegas

“A brief sojourn in the new Las Vegas, where growth is booming but you have to search a bit to find the blackjack tables, raises a few questions. Is gambling played out in its historical capital? Now that it has gone mainstream, is gambling a discretionary spending industry, tethered to the flagging fortunes of the American consumer?”

Fit Towns in the UK

“New ‘fit towns’ are to be set up across England under government plans to tackle the obesity crisis.”

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