Editor’s Choice: Best of Buzz 2010

Editor’s Choice: Best of Buzz 2010

The Revolution Will Be Locally Funded
by Lamar Clarkson, January 2010

Groups of artist-entrepreneurs around the country have begun extending the locavore idea to the realm of culture. A tale of how some not-so-starving artists are applying the logic of community-supported agriculture to grant-making.

Lansing’s High-Tech Industry Goes to Schools
by Ivy Hughes, March 2010

Ivy Hughes reports on a revitalization trend in Lansing: High-tech companies are buying abandoned schools, transforming them into business hub—and changing neighborhoods in the process.

Public-Private Partnerships Meet Advertising
by Rachel Somerstein, May 2010

Rachel Somerstein looks at Adopt a Light Limited, a Nairobi program in which companies can advertise on streetlamps in return for maintaining them.

Who Says What’s Livable?
by Vincent Valk, June 2010

A look at the ambiguity of the term “livable” and its use – and misuse – by urbanists and officials.

How Hyperlocal Media Are Taking Urban Planning to the Streets
by Kara Hadge, November 2010

Hyperlocal journalism is taking over Washington, DC, shining light on lesser-known neighborhoods, connecting residents and, sometimes, wielding major political clout.

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