Eat It, San Francisco: NYC Native Calls Dibs On Gentrification

Eat It, San Francisco: NYC Native Calls Dibs On Gentrification

Interesting blog item from the folks at Curbed SF (via the San Francisco Bay Guardian (SFBG)). Listen to Danny Hoch, friends. Listen to hiiiimmmmm:

“Williamsburg is ground zero for gentrification not just in New York but in the country, because it has provided a blueprint for how fast and how violent displacement and economic development can happen in a short amount of time.”

And more:

Taking Over is about how gentrification is really masking the idea of colonialism and how everybody is kind of searching for a sense of home and disconnected from where their home is.”

There’s a point in there somewhere. Interesting to consider whether urban hipsters are the pilgrims of modern exploration. And by interesting, we mean weird and dirty-feeling. Remember: history is written by winners. Take that one to the bar. Then puke it up when you get home.

Also, not to get too insider baseball on you, dear readers, but if we take a piece of information from another source (in this case, Curbed SF), which has been taken from another source (SFBG), which has been distilled through another source (Danny Hoch’s PR people), and then blog it ourselves (right here), and then someone else blogs it after finding it here… well, then who can actually make claim to the story (which is, essentially, that some guy is making artful observations about gentrification in a stage production)? Certainly not us. The wind, perhaps.

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