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We love sharing solutions that lead to liberation in cities across the globe. Next City allows mission-aligned nonprofit news outlets to reprint our original content for free with permission. Mission-aligned organizations believe in Next City’s core values:

  • Justice: We hold ourselves accountable for our role in advancing a fully equitable democracy that works to overturn systems of oppression and lead to liberation.

  • Honesty: We acknowledge hard truths and always uphold journalistic principles of transparency, fairness and accuracy. 

  • Openness: We value imagination that finds different and better solutions to problems, grounded within affected communities.

  • Humanity: We recognize the voices and experiences of marginalized communities by centering their dignity in how we work, what stories we tell, who we publish.

  • Connection: We believe collaboration is a superpower that inspires and fuels change, and we offer space for new ideas to flourish and diverse partners to connect with each other.

We’re big fans of these outlets who’ve republished our work —Grist, The TyeeReasons to Be Cheerful — and we’d love to add you to the mix!

If you believe you’re a mission-aligned organization, reach out to Deonna Anderson ( to establish an unlimited reprinting partnership.

For reprintable content, please follow these guidelines:

  • You are welcome to reprint articles 24 hours after their original publication.

  • Use the same byline and biography information that we have placed on the article.

    • Please include this language at the beginning of the article (including a link to the Next City site):

      • For digital (please keep links intact): This story was originally published on Next City, which publishes journalism that centers marginalized voices while amplifying solutions to the problems that oppress people in cities. Subscribe to Next City’s newsletters at

      • For print: This story was originally published on Next City, a nonprofit news organization that unleashes the power of solutions journalism to transform communities and their leaders with the knowledge and connections to reimagine cities as places of economic, environmental and racial justice. Visit us online at

  • Please note that the reprinting approval does not automatically extend to images accompanying the story. On occasion, we’ll be able to grant permission to use images. Please contact Deonna Anderson ( to inquire about image rights.

  • Additionally, we sometimes reprint or excerpt material that is copyrighted by others. We cannot grant permission to republish this content.

  • Do not sell or syndicate our content. This includes publishing or syndicating our work on platforms such as Stacker or Apple News.

  • Material is free except for commercial use. (Please see below for more information about how to use our content for this use.)

  • Do not alter, change, or add to the material, except for minor style edits (said versus says, adjusting time references, etc).

  • Be sure to tag Next City when sharing our stories on your social channels. We are @nextcityorg on Instagram, Threads and Facebook. We’re also on LinkedIn.

  • Do not translate our stories into another language without our permission.

Next City’s content is also available for other use cases. 

  • We partner with for-profit news organizations through syndication. Please reach out to Deonna Anderson ( to learn more.

  • We grant licensing for universities. Unlimited licenses are also a perk of our institutional membership. Please contact us for more details.

  • We grant licensing to run our stories in academic texts and books for a fee. Please contact us ( to inquire about one-off republications or ongoing syndication, based on your needs.

  • If you’re a higher education institution or for-profit news outlet that’s serving an economically disadvantaged population, inquire about reduced rates.

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