Two Weeks in Photos

Accra, Bangkok, Chennai, Lima, Manila, Nairobi | 03/09/2013 2:44pm
Will Doig | Next City

Over the past two weeks, our bloggers visited a beach in Lima that’s been overtaken by vendors, a radio station in Nairobi’s largest slum and a tourist district in Accra that can mask the difficulties faced by that city’s vendors.


Chris Olwehyi (a.k.a. MC Jahill) and Julius Kasyoka (a.k.a. Ras Juli) man the DJ booth at Pamoja FM. As Kibera’s only radio station, their broadcasts serve a market often overlooked by major media outlets.

A vendor at Agua Dulce tries to cajole beachgoers into having their picture taken in front of his mural. Lima’s largest beach has become a bustling market for informal vendors, straining its ability to feel like a respite from the city.

A shop in the Osu section of Accra, one of the city’s main tourist districts. Guest blogger Victoria Okoye reports that vendors at such markets face less harassment from police, thanks to the presence of foreigners.

One of the many autorickshaws that prowl the streets of Chennai. The informal transit system is officially unregulated, though its drivers are fairly self-organizing.