Two Weeks in Photos

Accra, Bangkok, Lima, Manila, Nairobi | 06/07/2013 9:41am
Informal City Dialogues

Spires of stolen electricity pierce the sky in Kibera, Nairobi. Photo credit: Jason Patinkin

Over the past two weeks, our bloggers traced stolen electricity through Nairobi, guzzled orange juice in Lima and spoke with blind masseuses in Manila. Here are some of the photos they took along the way.


A family in their two-room house at Enchanted Farm. The communal farm is one of many solutions to slum relocations that are currently being tried in Manila.

Photo credit: Kate Hodal

Amina, a head porter in Accra, with the bowl she carries for up to 18 hours per day. Head porters in Accra face a difficult life, but informal savings banks are giving them a chance to escape poverty.

Photo credit: Still Life Projects

The driver of an autorickshaw in Chennai displays his meter. Metered taxis are a rarity in the city, even though many passengers and drivers alike would prefer them.

Photo credit: B A Raju

A member of Thailand’s Motorcycle Taxi Association checks out the voting results at the Innovation Workshop in Bangkok.

Photo credit: Witchaya Pruecksamars

Maureen Akinyo in her new house. Her previous one burned in an electrical fire, a common catastrophe in Nairobi’s Kibera slum, where most electricity is illegally attained.

Photo credit: Jason Patinkin

Mr. German and his juicer on a street corner in Lima. With his kids in college, the informal street vendor is paying their tuition an orange at a time.

Photo credit: Manuel Vigo

Customers in a Manila massage parlor get their muscles kneaded by the blind. Because a masseuse is one of the few options for blind people in the Philippines.

Photo credit: Purple Romero