Top 100 Cycling Cities: New Data Points the Way on Bike Infrastructure Investment

Top 100 Cycling Cities: New Data Points the Way on Bike Infrastructure Investment

Thursday, November 18, 2021

1:00pm Eastern | 10:00AM Pacific

With reports of bicycles selling out in many cities early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the transportation community rejoiced about gains in bike ridership in 2020, and we crossed our collective fingers that a new bicycling habit was forming. Now 18 months into the pandemic, analysts used StreetLight InSight® to measure these trends and compile the first report of its kind that analyzes America’s top 100 cycling cities. So how has the COVID bicycling boom fared in 2021?

Join this live panel to hear from Kristin Musulin, report co-author and former editor of Smart Cities Dive, together with Martin Morzynski, co-author and SVP of Marketing at StreetLight, and Thomas Grogan, lead analyst behind the data, as they go deep on latest U.S. bike trends, zero in on “the why” behind key cities gaining and losing ridership, and provide easy-to-use location-data tools to help you analyze your own locality for bike activity on all streets, not just the few with physical counters.

This event will help you discover how new data is helping cities move quickly to identify highest-risk intersections for crashes, pinpoint major origins and destinations for cyclists, and prioritize new bike infrastructure where it’s needed most – based on data, as opposed to pre-pandemic hypotheses.



Kristin Musulin is an independent media consultant, leveraging nearly a decade of journalism and media management experience to guide mobility and tech companies in press and government relations. Prior to media consulting, Musulin gained recognition in the govtech space as the founding editor of Smart Cities Dive, a business publication covering the innovations and policies that drive smarter, safer and more resilient cities. Her work included in-depth reporting on micromobility, public transit, climate policy, labor and policing.


Martin Morzynski is the SVP of Marketing at StreetLight Data, the pioneer of Big Data analytics for transportation. Morzynski is a frequent guest on public radio, news programs and podcasts and regular contributor to analyses conducted by the New York Times, Bloomberg and other media organizations seeking to measure and understand the changing world of transportation. He can be found on Twitter as @MartinOnTraffic, sharing data-based perspectives on mobility and climate. Previous to joining StreetLight to lead the company’s product and marketing organizations, Morzynski was the CMO at HouseCanary, the pioneer of Big Data analytics for real estate.


Thomas Grogan brings a wealth of transportation analysis and research experience to the StreetLight team. He is a Solution Engineer focused on marketing, partnerships and other strategic initiatives, helping customers get the most out of StreetLight’s analytics. He has presented at national conferences on transportation and geospatial data, and his work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, and many other publications.  Grogan has a MA in Applied Economics, and a BA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University.


Alice Friedman has over ten years of experience developing safer streets and encouraging sustainable mode choices. Alice is the Senior Manager for Safety Policy at Spin, where she works on international initiatives to reduce rider-related injuries. As Deputy Director of the Bicycle Unit at NYC DOT,  she contributed to the development of over 100 lane-miles of new bike lanes, launched NYC’s fall bike month, “Biketober,” and designed the city's first protected bike lane with a floating bus island . Alice trained as an urban planner at MIT, and is currently pursuing a degree in Data Science at the CUNY School of Professional Studies.

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