Association for Community Design Conference, with Keynote by Oscar Perry Abello – Next City

Association for Community Design Conference, with Keynote by Oscar Perry Abello

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

12:00pm - 1:30pm Eastern

Next City’s senior economics correspondent, Oscar Perry Abello, will give a keynote speech, “5,000 Years of Urban Planning for Sustainable, Equitable Cities,” on Tuesday, September 22 from 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m. EST as part of this year’s ACD43: RECENTER conference.

Keynote Description
Planning for equity and sustainability in cities and neighborhoods was a daunting task even before this pandemic. As a journalist, one of the obligations Abello takes on is to put things into an accurate context. And in the broadest possible context, human beings have in the past achieved things that seem impossible today, including achievements in the realm of urban planning. Abello’s talk will offer a brief tour of examples of planning in difficult circumstances and what it has meant to those communities, and it will put those examples into the broadest possible context to show that today‚Äôs grandest and deepest visions for equity and sustainability are quite within the capacity of our species.

Conference Description
From September 21 through 25, amidst the dual crises highlighting generational and systemic injustices of a global health pandemic and the national uprisings advocating for racial justice, the Association for Community Design will host its first-ever online conference. The conference will explore how we can address both historic moments with renewed commitment to advancing equity and justice in our communities. The conference will hold space for healing, reflection, and reconnection with ourselves and others. ACD43 will gather organizers, advocates, and designers who have become leaders in the immediate response and in taking direct action to end racial injustice. RECENTER will be a unique opportunity to pause, refocus on why, how, and with whom we work, and to take action to co-create change in our communities.

ACD43: RECENTER is sponsored by Enterprise Community Partners and is happening in partnership with its programming partners, Next City and Spaces & Places, each of which will receive a portion of conference profits. During the conference, Creative Reaction Lab will host three Equity and Justice Training sessions. Space is limited and priority is given to ACD members.

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