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We’re Not Alone: Building Value & Power Together with Andre M. Perry & Akeem Dixon

The voices of Black city-builders have endured the countless efforts to silence their power and extinguish the just and beautiful communities being imagined and constructed. From where do these city-builders draw support for their dreams? Orlando P. Bailey of Urban Consulate sits down with Andre M. Perry of Brookings Institution (Washington, D.C.) and Akeem Dixon of The Intersect (Philadelphia) for a candid cross-city conversation rooted in radical truth, joy and love.

“There is nothing wrong with Black people that ending racism can’t solve,” says Perry.

“What is giving you hope?” asks Bailey.

“I’m encouraged in that we’re not alone,” replies Perry. “We have people all over the nation, all over the world who are working toward the same goal. And venues like this one are connecting us in ways we haven’t been connected before. We’re a crew now, and we’re not going to let that power go.”

“We need each other,” agrees Dixon.

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Watch the complete second episode below:

Urban Consulate brings people together to share ideas for better cities. Urban Consulate Confidential is presented with Next City and made possible by the Ford Foundation. Directed by Charles Ashley. Co-Produced by Orlando P. Bailey and Claire Nelson. Music by Kick Lee. Photography by Valaurian Waller and JP Leong. Recorded at The Cochrane House in Detroit.

 Urban Consulate brings people together to share ideas for better cities. Urban Consulate Confidential is presented with Next City and made possible by the Ford Foundation.

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