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VIDEO: Boosting Bangkok’s Flood Resilience With Community-Based Technology

(Photo by Still Life Projects)

This is the first of four films in our series, Asia H20: How Water Issues are Changing an Urbanized Continent.

In 2011, an historic flood devastated Bangkok. Hundreds died, and tens of billions of dollars were lost in economic damages. During and after the disaster, the combined efforts of thousands of residents formed the foundation of the city’s response. But while groups of citizens working in concert were able to deploy boats and organize shelters, one thing they couldn’t do on their own was distribute real-time data about the disaster. For that, they would need technology: a homegrown system that’s cheap, durable, and takes advantage of the city’s informal networks, perhaps its greatest strength in times of crisis.

Asia H2O: Boosting Bangkok’s Flood Resilience Through Community-Based Technology from Next City on Vimeo.

Film shot on location in Bangkok by Still Life Projects.

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