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Murder rate rising in Louisiana’s major cities; U.S.‘s obsession with Obama’s race

We lead with this: FBI figures show murder rate rising in Louisiana’s major cities.” From Baton Rouge Police Sgt. Don Kelly:

‘‘Murder is the single category that gets the most attention. And it’s the one we have the least ability to effect. Most murders are done by people who know each other, many are done in private, and almost all are done without much planning and forethought. Those are almost impossible to prevent.’‘

How do you like that?

Now: some Obama commentary via Jesse Jackson — “Obama’s success is making us all winners” — and then some from a guy named Christopher Hitchens: “There’s something pathetic and embarrassing about our obsession with Barack Obama’s race.” Have a stiff drink every time Hitchens uses the word “negritude.” Take 2 shots when he refers to Bill Clinton as “our first black president.” Finish the bottle if you get to the end of the second page.

Moving on. We know this is way old news, but reading John Dickerson’s piece about Bill O’Reily’s New Hampshire appearance gets us gigglin’ all over again about the sensuous undertones of a very special fried patty made from spiced fava beans:

“A number of people shouted falafel, the word O’Reilly used in a racy set of telephone conversations with a young woman he was trying to seduce as he described a shower they might take together. He meant loofa, which is not a Middle Eastern delicacy but a bath item.”

God bless America.

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