Historic Hot House, Grass vs. Turf, Fare Hikes, More…

Historic Hot House, Grass vs. Turf, Fare Hikes, More…

Historic Hot House

“If you thought landmarking a diner that was once a Denny’s is pushing the preservation envelope, how about putting a nuclear reactor building on the National Historic Register? Before you scoff, learn just a bit about a remarkable, little-known modern building in the heart of Seattle. Today, it’s called the More Hall Annex, but when it was built on the University of Washington campus in the early 1960s, it was called the Nuclear Reactor Building.”

The Great Turf Debate

“Today, Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum and three environmental and parks advocacy organizations are releasing a letter to Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden. It calls on the parks department to stop installing synthetic turf immediately and to a make schedule for replacing existing turf fields, which disintegrate within a decade. The letter also demands that the health department complete a review of the literature on the health effects of synthetic turf before the startof the spring sports season and calls for testing actual turf installed in the parks for contaminants.”

MTA Fare Hikes

“When it comes to the fare hike, which hits this Sunday, all MetroCards are NOT created equal.

For many bus and subway riders, the 30-day unlimited ride MetroCards will still offer the best deals.”

Las Vegas Suburbs

“When Bob Carson set out last year to find a second home in the Las Vegas area, his list of must-haves was short but sweet. Mr. Carson found all of these things in and around Summerlin, a booming community about 12 miles northwest of downtown Vegas. Mr. Carson, a retired shopping-center developer, spent nearly $2 million on a 10th-floor condominium at One Queensridge Place, a new two-tower Art Nouveau high-rise on the outskirts of Summerlin with commanding views of the Las Vegas Valley.”

M-Hotel Concept

“We are longtime fans of UK architect Tim Pyne, one of the prefab pioneers with his lovely M-House. Now he has gone multi-unit with his M-Hotel proposal. The 500 square foot units plug into a steel frame “a bit like Corb did at the Unite” – I think it looks more like my Kenner Girder and Panel building set.”

Immigrants and Crime

“Countering widespread belief, a new report shows California’s foreign-born population – including illegal immigrants – makes up only a sliver of the state’s population of inmates.

The report by the Public Policy Institute of California, released Monday, also suggests the foreign-born population, which makes up more than a third of the state’s adults, plays a disproportionately smaller role in serious crime.”

And from Conde Nast Portfolios, a list of the greenest companies in America:

The Green 11

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