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Hipsters, gunshots, homeless, green building, more—TNAC news and links 10.11.2007

Trends: Hipsters migrating to Staten Island

Where there’s cheap real estate, there’s a hipster, judging by the bohemian-style renaissance taking place in the once forgotten borough.

New technology pinpoints location of gunshots

Several cities, including violence-plagued Newark, are adopting Shotspotter, a system that enables police to pinpoint the coordinates of a shot being fired within seconds, thereby decreasing response time.

European Car Company set for October 11th Launch in LA

The diminutive car lifestyle is being introduced to urbanities in L.A, using a smart “house” for concerts, test drives and art forums.

Homeless in the United States: A tale of two cities

Business associations in Honolulu take the lead on solving the city’s homeless problem, while New York City homeless shelters begin turning people away after 5 PM.

Green Solutions for Cities

A analysis of Portland shows that instituting deadlines is key to transforming a city into a green corridor. Cities could also tax their bottled water, as Richard Daley has proposed in Chicago. Or, you could just plan a green “virtual city,” and buy carbon offsets sponsored by BP.

International News: Cities no longer top destination for immigrants

Studies in the UK and the Netherlands show that for the first time, immigrants are moving to places besides cities, substantially affecting employment trends.

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