COVID-19 Response Directory

COVID-19 Response Directory

Coronavirus is upending our cities. We need trusted, accurate information, and ways to organize and distribute that information to residents. We need tools that let city workers and businesses stay connected and do their best work remotely. And we need smart ways to track, measure, and respond to second-order threats like the massive hit to the economy that is hurting millions of workers nationwide.

Here, Next City has curated a selection of tools offered to cities and businesses to respond to the coronavirus threat. We hope it's helpful.

The directory is free to browse and free to add to. If you'd like to nominate a tool, app or service, please use the form below.

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  • Circuit


    Circuit is a 100% electric, first/last mile shuttle service offering free rides in over 20 cities throughout the U.S. Circuit’s goal is to reduce congestion, and the harmful effects of congestion, by getting people out of their cars for short trips, and by making connections to other transit hubs for longer distance commuting.

    Circuit continues to operate during COVID to help local residents connect to essential businesses, to deliver food to those in need, and to provide free transportation for essential workers (nurses, doctors, etc).

    The service is made possible by collaborating with municipal organizations, and executing innovative OOH/Experiential advertising campaigns with some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

  • Colu Technologies


    We are a GovTech company; we create a city-branded platform that rewards resident behaviors that meet the city's strategic goals with a unique City Coin, which can be redeemed at local businesses. As a response to COVID 19, we’re now connecting with cities globally in order to further their efforts to drive residents to purchase food and supplies at local small businesses. The City of Tel Aviv, where we have more than 150,000 users, has already launched two campaigns to drive residents to buy their supplies and food at local businesses as well as to watch short YouTube video clips with vital information. We’re honored to have the ability to create a significant impact on the city. Literally, as we speak, we are running multiple campaigns in the City of Tel Aviv together with the Tel Aviv Foundation (a huge nonprofit) to support local businesses at this time of crisis.

    In addition, our platform also helps cities with:
    -Instant and effective communication from municipal leaders (for example, residents are rewarded for watching a short educational video clip)
    -Rewarding volunteering efforts
    -Rewarding residents for completing surveys or reporting 311 call center
    -Rewarding residents for prepaying at businesses that are closed for future credit once they reopen.

  • coUrbanize


    coUrbanize is an online community engagement platform for real estate teams and city planners that allows public outreach to continue even when public meetings are cancelled. Recently, the company has introduced new features and educational resources to enhance communications through the pandemic, including:
    ● COVID-19 update and response templates
    ● Templates for promoting virtual community meetings
    ● A request-a-chat feature for community members
    ● Public comment via voicemail

    Educational resources include:
    ● Virtual office hours for access to coUrbanize experts
    ● An online forum for industry leaders to share ideas, guidance, and resources
    ● A toolkit outlining best practices for a digital-first engagement strategy

  • Geospiza


    Geospiza has a robust background in emergency management and public health. We are making COVID-19 mitigation, response and recovery our top business priority during these uncertain times. We offer 2 forms of short-term consulting agreements to help cities and business navigate their COVID-19 response:
    1. COVID-19 Quick Start: This is a 1 week engagement in which Geospiza will deliver a set quantity of deliverables to the organization at the end of the week to enable a robust COVID-19 response. This engagement includes: a problem solving and strategy session (1-2 hr), COOP plan creation, action plan creation, communication drafting & implementation, and frequently asked question document for staff.
    2. Ad-hoc SME Consulting: Geospiza can provide on-call/as needed subject matter expertise, available 24/7 to assist in any urgent developments & requirements. This support can take time-sensitive COVID-19 response work off the plates of your employees. This is a flexible and short-term agreement allows the organization to determine what their greatest needs are.

  • OurStreets


    OurStreets is a tool that allows shoppers to see and share what is available at neighborhood stores near them. Users can see what others have found at stores recently, and can share the availability of supplies during their essential shopping trips.

    Retailers can also update their own inventory in the app to share with the users what’s available, helping eliminate unnecessary trips to the store.

    Cities who promote usage of OurStreets can get backend access to report data to see where shortages are occurring and what stores are or are not complying with appropriate social distancing guidelines (users are asked to note whether or not this is the case).

    Download OurStreets today from the Android and iOS app stores and checkout our online map at

  • Sightline Institute


    Sightline is a public policy think tank focused on fair, just, and equitable sustainability solutions, including voting rights and elections reform; accessible, affordable and abundant housing, decarbonization and a just transition from fossil fuels to protect our climate and our communities; and sustainable farming and forestry. Sightline’s staff is focused on urgent steps to take right now to protect our communities and, going forward, on ways to ensure smarter democracy, more stable housing policies, a strong social safety net, and a more resilient economy built on clean energy, not fossil fuels. See our series on policy solutions for COVID-19.



    TICCO is the online platform and offline retreat series for people who work with cities, communities & the built environment. We recognize the challenges our professional community is facing at this time, and have made access to our online platform and its included resources absolutely free! TICCO offers the opportunity to pose big-picture questions, ask for specific project advice, review job postings, find like-minded practitioners, and more.

  • U.S. Digital Response


    U.S. Digital Response is a free, non-partisan service that helps local governments respond to the COVID-19 crisis with direct staffing, expert consultation, and custom-built tools. We embed highly skilled volunteers with local governments to strengthen decision-making and support the delivery of critical services to the public at scale.

    As the impact of COVID-19 expands and the needs of cities evolve, we adapt our solutions to offer the most effective support. We have a database of more than 4,500 qualified, experienced professionals, including close to 700 who are available full-time. Our volunteers have a diverse range of expertise from user research and design, to full-stack engineering, product management, and data science. You can learn more about U.S. Digital Response at

  • UrbanFootprint


    UrbanFootprint is deploying the full power of our team and software platform to help public agencies and front‑line organizations save lives and prepare for second-order economic and social impacts. UrbanFootprint tracks up-to-date COVID-19 data from trusted medical, media, and public sources and combines this information with our extensive data library of economic, mobility, and sociodemographic information to map and measure the impacts of COVID-19. Led by experts in emergency response and recovery, our team will work with you to answer critical questions about where to deploy resources, how to triage response, and where to expect economic impact to be greatest over the coming weeks. Please let us know how we can help. Learn more at

  • Zencity


    Zencity offers a unique platform that uses AI and data to provide cities and counties leaders with the tools they need to best serve their residents. We work with over 130+ cities and in light of the coronavirus pandemic, these cities are finding added value from our technology, as it empowers them to make better data-driven decisions while on the front lines of this crisis.

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