Next City Wants to Expand Coverage of How Cities Respond to Coronavirus


Dear Next City reader,

If you’ve seen a great example of how a U.S. city is responding to COVID-19 — to improve public health and safety, or to protect small businesses facing a loss of income, or to keep kids fed when public schools close — please email us your pitches.

As you have no doubt been following, cities in the U.S. and around the world are faced with an unfolding crisis around coronavirus. With the federal response slow, at best, cities once again must rise to the challenge and lead the way forward.

City leaders have already proposed ways to protect local service and healthcare workers from the pandemic; this includes paid time-off benefits, emergency cash grants, expanding paid sick-day mandates, and using their bully pulpit to reassert the rights of workers. Leaders are already moving to protect residents at risk of eviction or utility shutoff. Small businesses also seek support from their local government and their communities. Nonprofit organizations are asked to shepherd and care in new ways for senior citizens, those experiencing homelessness, as well as other vulnerable populations.

All of these responsive programs and policies are unfolding rapidly, and will spread more effectively with an independent news organization such as Next City reporting on and sharing these best practices across cities. Our role has always been to amplify solutions. Now, in this urgent moment, the doers and changemakers who read Next City are desperate for solutions worth duplicating.

Our editors want to ramp up coverage in response to coronavirus, but we need your support to make that possible.

During this crisis, local newspapers and large news outlets such as The New York Times will play a critical role in sharing information. Next City has yet another role — to serve our network of committed urbanist readers who make it their personal responsibility to care for their neighbors. Some 74 percent of our readers use Next City journalism directly to inform their jobs. And 80 percent of our readers say they or their organization work to achieve greater racial equity.

The information this network needs — during the coronavirus outbreak and the recovery to follow — is distinct from coverage you’ll find elsewhere. We elevate solutions that prioritize equity, and make life in cities better for all residents. And we cannot provide this coverage without your support. You can make a donation in the form below.

Please consider making a donation now, at any level, and help Next City to respond fully to this challenge. Every dollar you donate in response to this email will go directly toward constructive stories about how cities and communities respond to coronavirus.

Lucas Grindley
Executive Director
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