Bringing It All Back Home

Will Insourcing Give the U.S. the Jobs it Needs?

Story by Anna Clark

Illustration by Alex Lukas

Published on Jan 28, 2013

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Whether you call it onshoring or insourcing, the idea of bringing manufacturing jobs back to U.S. soil from overseas has become a political force to reckon with. Much of last year’s presidential campaign was dedicated to each candidate arguing over competition with China. But if the country will never return to its 20th-century heyday as a manufacturing powerhouse, what can happen at the local level to restore employment in places like Muskegon, Mich. or Lorain County, Ohio, where factories have emptied out and jobs have disappeared? With big companies like GM and small companies like Suarez Corporation Industries jumping on the wagon and promising thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for communities across the country, Michigan-based writer Anna Clark sets out to find out if and how “Made in the USA” can return. Examining the policies, partnerships and strategies that are successfully creating new manufacturing jobs in Muskegon, Lorain County and other mid-sized hubs, Clark offers new insight for those seeking to bring manufacturing back to their own city.

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