Last Chance to Answer the Question of the Month: Why (or Why Not) Go to Planning School?

We’re starting a new feature here at NAC. Each month (for now – we might go weekly if the conversation gets interesting), we’ll post a question that we think out readers are well-equipped to answer. This month’s question: Why (or why not) get a degree in planning/urban studies? If you’d like to have your thoughts included, please post, email or tweet a response by this Friday, February 4.

Many of our readers are interested in urban planning; a number of them hold degrees in the field. We’ve heard feedback from people who loved their experience in academia and others who say it was a waste of time and money. We want to help readers considering this move make an informed decision. Grads, current students (grad and undergrad), applicants and potential applicants: What do you think?

At the end of the month we’ll post a roundup of the responses, with the best and most useful ones posted first.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Post them in comments, email them to julia [at], post them to our Facebook page or hit us on Twitter @NextAmCity.

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